Telenor is a partner for the yearly Vivil-games for disabled youngsters.

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vivil_logoVivil-games – tournament for disabled youngsters

The Vivil-games is a national Norwegian sports meeting for disabled, which is being held each year at the Nadderud stadium in the municipality of Bærum close to Oslo.

The events cover swimming, athletics, football, handball and boccia.

The athletic field events and the competition rules have been adapted to the participants, in order for everybody to be able to take part, disregarding their handicap. The participants are receiving prizes on a «flat» basis, which means all participants are being awarded with a medal and a diploma. In addition a cup is being awarded to teams.

Much attention is being paid to social activities. An activity centre will for instance be established close to the stadium, where entertainment is being offered and where a banquet for participants and leaders will be arranged.