The Norwegian Ski Federation

Telenor is the main sponsor for the Norwegian Ski Federation’s alpine team.

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The Norwegian Ski Federation


The Norwegian National Alpine team

Alpine skiing is a sport with long traditions in Norway. Telenor’s ambition is to contribute to wide recruitment to among the masses as well as to stronger results among the elite.

Norway has won numerous alpine skiing titles internationally. Currently, Aksel Lund Svindal and Kjetil Jansrud rank among the leading athletes in the world.



Telenor Karusellen – World’s largest cross-country race for children

Telenor Karusellen caters to kids up to 12 years old and the purpose is to secure wide recruitment to the various skiing disciplines. Telenor aims to make it easy for clubs and associations to arrange skiing competitions.

In 2013, nearly 80,000 participated in 524 events. Telenor Karusellen is the world’s largest skiing event for kids.


Telenor Lekene – Norwegian National slalom competition for children

The national alpine cup consists of a total of 90 qualifying races for 13 year olds. The competition ends up with an annual final race for the 350 top alpinists in this age group.