The Football Association of Norway

The collaboration comprises men and women's national teams and sports for all projects; Telenor Xtra and the Telenor Cup.

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The Football Association of Norway

nff-logoOur collaboration with the Football Association of Norway

Football is the biggest sport in Norway and has a good spread across the country. 1,800 clubs and 30,000 teams are affiliated to the Norwegian Football Association (NFF). With more than 200 000 football matches played by 365,000 active players, the NFF is by far Norway’s largest association under the umbrella of NIF (The Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports).

Our collaboration with the NFF spearheads our football sponsorship

Our collaboration comprises men and women’s national teams as well as sports for all projects, such as Telenor Xtra and the Telenor Cup. The fact that we thus support both the elite sports division as well as popular sport, make us stand out as one of Norwegian football’s largest partners.


Telenor Xtra and Telenor Cup

Telenor Xtra – football activities for schoolchildren ages 8-12 at day care facilities. The goal is for the children to spend their leisure time with diverse physical exercise with main focus on football.

Telenor Cup – Norwegian Championship for children aged 16 and 19.

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