Skarverennet Ski Race

Skarverennet is the world's largest cross-country event of its kind. Telenor is a major contributor in the organization.

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Skarverennet Ski Race

skarverennet-logoSkarverennet was first held in 1974, and is a cross-country event starting at Finse / Haugastøl and finishes at Ustaoset. It goes along Hallingskarvet across stunning scenery and has more than 12,000 participants each year.

One can go for a 25 km long track from Haugastøl, or a 37 km long trail from Finse. The event has a great social profile and sliding across the finish line brings you straight into a boiling life, speed and fun.

In more recent years a national park emerged around Hallingskarvet, but Skarverennet, located in the national park, takes place as before. This is great, however we are faced with some challenges when building temporary mobile coverage along the entire trail. This is especially important for the safety of the more than 12,000 participants, but also something we want to offer our customers so that the good experiene can be easily shared with others.