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Telenor and Red Cross Norway collaborate on the «Use Your Head» and “Cross My Heart” projects.

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Norwegian Red Cross

This is how Telenor collaborates with the Red Cross

Telenor works closely with the Red Cross on the «Use Your Head» and «Cross My Heart» projects.

This is Use Your Head

In the Use Your Head campaign, the focus is on the challenges around digital communications tools and bullying.

The digital life is exciting and full of possibility, but it requires that users are responsible and show respect for each other. Unfortunately there are too many children and youth who suffer from digital bullying. Surveys show that bullying on the Internet and mobile phone can be experienced as worse than traditional bullying that is face-to-face. In addition, many say that it is easier to say something negative or hurtful when you are not face-to-face, but hidden behind a web profile or text message.

That’s why Telenor, the Norwegian Media Authority, the Red Cross and Kids and Media have joined forces in an effort to stop digital bullying. The Use Your Head campaign has visited several hundred schools across Norway, and the results show the importance of this campaign against digital bullying.

This is Cross My Heart

Telenor and Red Cross also cooperate on Cross My Heart, where youth under age 18 can call, email or chat with an adult on difficult issues.

Cross My Heart is a place where anyone under age 18 can discuss issues with each other and read about topics that are important for children and youth. If you want to speak with an adult, you can call, chat or send an email. No topic is too big and none are too small.

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