Telenor’s Culture Prize

The Telenor Culture prize “Boundless Communication” is awarded to artists/institutions for outstanding cultural performances in Scandinavia or internationally.

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Telenor Culture Prize

The Telenor Culture Prize “Boundless Communication” is each year awarded to artists or institutions that have distinguished themselves in the Scandinavian cultural environment, but also have established themselves internationally. The award amounts to 500,000 NOK

The Telenor Culture Prize has been awarded each year since 1995. From the outset being a purely Norwegian prize, it has for the past 10 years become an international award. The candidates represent all art forms, many combine different art expressions, and the prize has been awarded to established artists as well as to newcomers.

The Culture Prize is a part of the Telenor Culture Program.

This is the jury of the Telenor Culture Prize:

Ingrid Kindem, Composer and Musician, (leader of the jury)

Lars Saabye Christensen, Author

Asta Busingye Lydersen, Singer and Actress

Henrik Mestad, Actor

Martin Eia-Revheim, House Manager, Sparebankstiftelsen

Jo Strømgren, Choreographer, Dancer and Director

Kai Rosenberg, Telenor Group

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Prize winners:

2017 – Grete Pedersen, Choral Conductor and Professor at the Norwegian Academy of Music
2016 – Deeyah Khan, Documentary film director, musician, composer and producer
2015 – Jo Strømgren, Choreographer, Dancer and Director
2014 – Stian Carstensen, Musician
2013 – Hisham Zaman, Film director
2012 – Timbuktu
2011 – KORK – Norwegian Broadcasting Orchestra
2010 – Olafur Eliasson, Multi-artist
2009 – Liv Ullmann, Actress and director
2008 – Jonas Bendiksen, Photographer
2007 – Marilyn Mazur, Percussionist and composer
2006 – The International Museum of Children’s Art
2005 – Anne Marit Jacobsen, Actress
2004 – Ingrid Lorentzen, Ballet dancer
2003 – Verdensteateret, «Verdensteateret»
2001 – Ingvar Ambjørnsen, Author
2000 – Juni Dahr, Actress
1999 – Torun Lian, Author and movie maker
1998 – Kari Bremnes, Singer and author
1997 – Kjersti Alveberg, Choreographer
1996 – Wenche Øyen, Painter
1995 – Svein Tindberg, Actor